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1. Manufactured from the highest quality medical grade stainless steel.2. 100% brand new.3. Autoclavable up to 135℃4. Thickness: 0.015"
EASYINSMILE Oral Stainless Wire Bite Impression Tray Dental Supply Autoclave Bite cheek & Bite impression.Bite Relator 3-in-1 impression system improves occlusal accuracy, with little interference between opposing arches. 
1. Made of high quality Stainless Steel2. Products in good flexibility and fracture resistance3. With high quality cutting efficiency4. With diamond-shape cross section5. With fixed plastic washer and handle6. Maximum temperature of sterilization is 150℃
1)Advanced memory alloy material AF-R wire2)Pre-bended design3)Improved Resistance For Cyclic Fatigue ,provide safer experience.4)Length: 21MM/25MM available
#20/07(22mm) Rotating Speed:300-350 RPM Torque:3N/CM2#25/08(18mm) Rotating Speed:300-350 RPM Torque:3N/CM2#30/09(16mm) Rotating Speed:300-350 RPM Torque:3N/CM2 
Brand: EasyinsmileType: X-PATH Rotary FilesLength: 21MM/25MMFeature:Not SterileAutoclavable up to 135 ℃Pack: Assorted Size or Single Size
Type: Immatural FilesLength: 16MMFeature:Not SterileAutoclavable up to 135 ℃Package: 3pcs/pack
1. Cleaning Finisher file2. Remove smear Layers Efficiently3. Maximally Reserve the dentine4. Effectively avoid the repeat contaminate by traditional irrigation methods.5. Suggest the flush volumes to be over 30ML.With 5.25% sodium Hypochiorite.The total flush volumes should reach 75-150ML.
1. Advanced Memory Alloy Tech2. Imported material , Time of Cyclic Fatigue until Breakage is up to 720 Seconds.3. Suitable for Curved Canals4. Reserve the dentine as many as possible.5. Reliable tip design, avoid ledge, transportation.
FEATURES:* Unique designed 6 file system* Shaping files made by EASYINSMILE-R wire* Finish Files made by EASYINSMILE-H wire
Control - The reciprocating technology means that it will only shape the canal when pressure is applied, giving you the feeling of complete control.Strength- The M-Wire Nickel-Titanium technology provides overall flexibility and resistance to cyclic fatigue, the leading cause of file separation.
1. 3.0 mega pixels high resolution intra oral camera2. With high resolution, high perfomance and auto focus3. Built-in 6pcs high brightness long-life white LED4. Built-in WI-FI function can transmit the camera's images to mobile phone.5. The front two control buttons: freeze/save, Power on/off6. Built-in Lithium battery7. Free APP include
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