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Dental X-ray machine for dental clinic use, Easyinsmile provided X-ray, X-ray Portable, X-ray Film, X-ray Sensor, X-ray Reader and X-ray accessories.



High quality X-ray from Korea.Free Shipping Worldwide from USA.

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X-ray Portable

Portable X-ray machine for dental clinic use.Free Shipping from USA.

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X-ray Film

X-ray film for X-ray machines use, high quality from Easyinsmile.Free Shipping from USA.

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X-ray Sensor

High quality x-ray sensor from Korea.Free Shipping worldwide from USA

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X-ray Reader

X-ray reader is kind of digital machine which can read the X-ray film into the computer.Free Shipping Worldwide From USA.Order Now Save 42%


Accessories for X-ray.Free Shipping from USA to Worldwide.

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• Round corner sensor to further appreciate the oral cavity of the patient• Different Size suitable to all kind of patient• USB connector, just plug it in computer. Two Size Optional: Size 1:30*20  Size 2:33*25 Important notice: Please select the size before confirm the order.Thank you.

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Focal Spot:0.8mmHeat Capacity:8.5KhuExposure Time Setting:0.01~1.60 sec. (0.01 sec, step)Total Filtration:2.8 mm AlSSD:100 mm / 200 mm (Long cone)Total Weight:2.0 kgDimension:180(w) x 147(d) x 138(h) mm

Tube Voltage:70kVTube Current: 1.5mATime Exposure:0.1~~1.6(s)Frequency:30kHzRated Power:60VAFocal Spot To Skin Distance:110mm
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Rayos X Dental Easyinsmile Stand Type X-ray Unit high efficiency clear imaging

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1 Power supply: AC 220V±10%,50/60HZ 1kVA2 Tube voltage:70KV3 Tube current:8mA4 Focus size:0.8mm5 Total filtration:2.5mmAL6 Exposure time:0.1-4sec

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1.Voltage: DC 5V (support by computer)2.Power: 300 mA3.Signal output: USB 2.04.Volume: 70mm*84mm*80mm
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1. Combine 2.5inch LCD and X-ray Reader together, image shows on 2.5 inch LCD directly.3. Multifunctional, can switch X-ray and intra oral camera images anytime.4. Built-in rechargeable battery when fully charge can use up to 3 hours.5. Built-in SDcard can save 500 pictures.
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3 pieces in one set 1、for left Maxillary Premolar/Molar,right Mandibular Premolar/Molar;2、for right Maxillary Premolar/Molar,left Mandibular Premolar/Molar;3、for Maxillary/Mandibular Incisor.
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1)Machines Development 3-5minutes 2)Maunal Development: 18-20, Developing time 2 minutes, Fixing 4 minutes, Watercean 5 minutes. 

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Protects equipment form intraoral fluids Color:Green(Small)           Blue(Large)
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LED LIGHT 2PCSSW per eachScreen Size 200*300mm
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*fits most phosphor plates*soft vinyl with rounded corners*materials: polyvinylchloride*color:black/clear*latex free
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