Endo Rotary File
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Multiple Changing Tapers over each File's Cutting BladesConvex Triangular Cross Section Progressively Changing Helical Angle and PitchVariable Tip Diameters Modified Guiding TipNo Radial Lands More Efficient Cutting AngleImproved Safety Short Handles Eight (8) Instrument Series
Endodontic File rotary X3 Twisted never breaking file Easyinsmile is a new invention using twisted NITI material in order to prevent the dentists away from breaking file accidentally or technically inside the root canal.
Reusable Autoclavable up to 135℃Accurate settings and durable constructionSize:4"*0.95"*1.26(100*24*32mm)Color:Blue
Used to place the machine file, endo file Autoclavable under the high temperature of 135℃ and pressure of 0.22Mpa
Used to place 2 set 6 different gutta-percha or hygroscopic paper and small devices that used for root canal treatment.
Used to place the machine file, endo file,root canal cleaning station, Root canal length measurement function
Used to place the high-speed burs,machine file, endo file,gutta-percha, hygroscopic paper and small devices that used for root canal treatment.
Control - The reciprocating technology means that it will only shape the canal when pressure is applied, giving you the feeling of complete control.Strength- The M-Wire Nickel-Titanium technology provides overall flexibility and resistance to cyclic fatigue, the leading cause of file separation.
FEATURES:* Unique designed 6 file system* Shaping files made by EASYINSMILE-R wire* Finish Files made by EASYINSMILE-H wire
1. Advanced Memory Alloy Tech2. Imported material , Time of Cyclic Fatigue until Breakage is up to 720 Seconds.3. Suitable for Curved Canals4. Reserve the dentine as many as possible.5. Reliable tip design, avoid ledge, transportation.
1. Cleaning Finisher file2. Remove smear Layers Efficiently3. Maximally Reserve the dentine4. Effectively avoid the repeat contaminate by traditional irrigation methods.5. Suggest the flush volumes to be over 30ML.With 5.25% sodium Hypochiorite.The total flush volumes should reach 75-150ML.
Type: Immatural FilesLength: 16MMFeature:Not SterileAutoclavable up to 135 ℃Package: 3pcs/pack
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