Gutta Percha Obturation
Endodontic Obturation Dental Cordless Gutta Percha Obturation Endo System EASYINSMILE
1.Battery:3.7v,22200mAh 2.Heating time:2seconds 3.working temperature:150 c/200 c 4.Adpter: Input 100v-240v AC Output DC5v,2.4v
1. CE FDA approved2. Flexible and pliable, yet stiff enough to be inserted into the root Canal 3. Uniformly hand-jig rolled. 4. Carefully graduated sizes and tapers. 5. Sterile and highly absorbent. 6. Color coded tips for easy identification of sizes
It is very good in flexibility. It is suitable for our obturation gun. The raw material is from USA and make post-process in China.Uniformly rolled from finest gutta percha to extremely close tolerances guaranteed consistency in size and shape.
Never use any other battery except the original battery;Otherwise it will result in damage.
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