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Such as Gutta Percha Obturation unit,Apex Locator,Endo Motor,Pulp Tester,Endo Rotary file,Endo Hand K-File,Endo Hand H-File,Endo Hand Reamer,Gate and Pesso,Barbed Broaches


Gutta Percha Obturation

Gutta Percha Obturation are most popular filling mathods for RCT treatment.Finding best suitable gutta percha obturation pen,gutta percha point and gutta percha filling bar for you.

Apex Locator

Apex Locator or Apex finder are very popular in nowaday RCT treatment in order to test the length of root canal.Finding out which Apex locator suits you the best.

Endo Motor

Endo Motor or endo rotary machine are high effcience equipment invented special for RCT Treatment,find out our various Endo motor types such as Endo motor with Apex finder.Endo motor Cordless and recipocating.

Pulp Tester
Pulp Tester is new technology in order to help scientists determine whether the tooth pulp is alive or no.
Endo Rotary File

Endo Rotary File are world class quality in order to resolve the problem of dentists breaking file during RCT.Finding our Easyinsmile X3 and X3 Gold in various sizes.

Endo Hand K-File

Endo Hand K-File are very popular for disposable use in order to shape the root canal during RCT Preparation.Finding out popular K-file in various type.

Endo Hand H-File

Same as Endo K-file,Endo Hand H-File are also used for RCT preparation.Find out most popular RCT instrument with various type.

Gate and Pesso

Finding out DENTSPLY Gates and pesso in various sizes.

Barbed Broaches

Barbed Broaches are mainly used for root canal pulp removal.Finding various size of Barbed Broaches.

fiber post dental

Fiber posts simply behave and perform differently.
High-intensity quartz tiber resin post has a special drill to make an exact match with the fiber resin resin post.

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-Large LCD panel and access-friendly button -Smart Auto Reverse & Alarm Function -6 programs -Slim Head and neck assures higher visibility-Lightweight, ergonomic design- Quick charge with non-contact type charger 
Joysmart Endo Motor is a newly made root canal treatment device, which is produced by Denjoy Dental Co., Ltd. It adopts brushless electric motor to more accurately control the speed and torque. It is more convenient for dentist to operate.it is with the function of Apex locator and the Endo motor .
Power voltage: DC7.5V(5*DC 1.5V AA Alkali dry cells)Power consumption: below 0.135VATest Voltage: below AC80mVTest electric current: below 10uADisplay: reflex colored LCD display, buzzerDimensions: W105*D105*H115mmWeigh: about370g
● Frequency operating system-0.1mm length determination ● Works in dry or wet canals ● Adjustable LCD angle of view ● Self calibrating ● LCD panel could show the moving trace of file in the canal ● Autoclavable file holder to avoid cross infection 
Endodontic Obturation Dental Cordless Gutta Percha Obturation Endo System EASYINSMILE
1.Battery:3.7v,22200mAh 2.Heating time:2seconds 3.working temperature:150 c/200 c 4.Adpter: Input 100v-240v AC Output DC5v,2.4v
-Made of high quality Stainless Steel-Products in good flexibility and fracture resistance-With high quality cutting efficiency-With diamond-shape cross section-With fixed plastic washer and handle-Maximum temperature of sterilization is 150℃
6 pcs per pack.Size: #08/10/15/20/25/30/35/40/45/50/55/60/70/80Length:21MM
1. CE FDA approved2. Flexible and pliable, yet stiff enough to be inserted into the root Canal 3. Uniformly hand-jig rolled. 4. Carefully graduated sizes and tapers. 5. Sterile and highly absorbent. 6. Color coded tips for easy identification of sizes
Multiple Changing Tapers over each File's Cutting BladesConvex Triangular Cross Section Progressively Changing Helical Angle and PitchVariable Tip Diameters Modified Guiding TipNo Radial Lands More Efficient Cutting AngleImproved Safety Short Handles Eight (8) Instrument Series

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Control - The reciprocating technology of WaveOne means that it will only shape the canal when pressure is applied, giving you the feeling of complete control.Simplicity - S-W1 also simplifies the procedure, in most cases requiring just one NiTi instrument per root canal treatment.
Pulp Tester is designed for testing whether the teeth nerve is alive or deadPreset speed mode (high-mid-low speed).A gentle, pulsed stimulus begins to increase at a rate specifically designed for patient comfort. If the patient indicates perception, simply release the button. The stimulus stops immediately, but the numbers remain frozen on the face for about 3 minutes.Easy to operate and use.
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