Ultrasonic Scaler EMS
Easyinsmile New VEB 2 built-in ultrasonic sclaer which is a kind of ultrasonic scaler installed to the dental unit.It contains power circuit,scaler cable,detachable EMS handpiece and 6 scaler tips.
1.Voltage Transformer (please leave a message about which type you need, 110v or 220v)2.Main unit input:24V~ 1.3A3.Output primary tip vibration excursion:≤100m4.Output half-excursion force:<2N5.Output tip vibration frequency:28kHz±35Hz
Automatic frequency tracking ensures that the machine always works on the best frequency and more steadily. The optional function: automatic water supply system.
Easyinsmile Ultrasonic scaler E3-LED is mainly used for teethcleaning and also an indispensable equipment for tooth disease prevention andtreatment. The product E3-LED ultrasonic piezo scaler mainly used prevention and for tooth disease prevention and treatment.
Easyinsmile Ultrasonic scaler EW3 LED is used for the dental calculus elimination and root canal treatment.It has metal handpiece with LED autoclavable.
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