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100% brand new plastic wind up jumping chattery teeth toy Cute tooth with cap design, more funny No battery needed, just wind up Easy to operate and use No-harm, non-toxic and tasteless 
Features:    mini lovely adorable tooth,It is also a great decoration for your desktop    Useful and portable mini stapler is suitable for school, home or office or travel
    100% brand new and high quality    unique design    Effective reduce snoring tonight    Adjustable one size fits almost all.
    1. Hold the Trainer with Tongue Tag up.    2. Place the Trainer into the mouse.    3. Keep tougue positioned on the Tongue Tag.
Made from sterile thermoplasticEasy to use, help to reduce heavy breathingDrug-free snoring solution, Easy to clean
Suitable for basketball, football, boxing, taekwondo, karate, etc high-intensity exercise Material: Advanced silicone
    100% brand new and high quality    Protective, reduce the impact of assault    Protect your teeth against collision
If u clench or grind your teeth at night while you are sleeping, you are causing damage to your teeth!
Features:    Mini Anti Snore Tray    100% Brand new and High Quality    Safe, convenient and reusable.
Material: PlasticThe perfect gift for every member of your staff,friend,customer, ect.Length: 210mmColor:pink/yellow/green/blue/clear green/clear blue
Features:Gel ink penwith creative shapeFor student or office
Features:Metal material, good looking and durablegood for bookmark3 tooth shape with colorful
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