Dental Suction Unit
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1. With an air/liquid separation unit. it used to separates the liquid and solid particles 2. with drain pump system, it discharges the residue of liquid and blood automatically after stopping the vacuum pump /motor. it prevent clogging problems

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1. With display crystal screen to show the liquid position of the container, and other working state. 2. Choose drain water by automatic or manual or manual from buzzle/channel. 3. This suction offer two dental chairs.

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power 220V/50HzInput power 750WMaximum wind pressure 15kPaVacuum degree -18kPaSuction qunatity 1200 L/minWeight 45KGNoise 55dBmotor revolution 2800r/minPacking size 510*330*560(mm)

New Sale!
1. Motive power system adopt width voltage & double frequency, motor with protection IP55 grade as driving, to accomplish turbine circle suction strength with lower nosie, higher pressure, larger rate of flow 2. Filter system adopt advanced mechanical filter technology in the present water technology,can effective dislodge rubber mass and other solids

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